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Top Hat and Tails – Ideas For Planning A Vintage Themed Wedding

Quite a while back when I was a young lady I was hypnotized by the motion picture “My Fair Lady”. Lovable Audrey Hepburn played the character Eliza Doolitlle, a cockney bloom young lady with no instruction who in the wake of being educated in the better specialties of discourse was changed into a woman of reproducing and behavior, at any rate according to the outside world. One scene specifically struck my extravagant, it was when Eliza and Professor Henry Higgins went by the Ascot race track where all the blue bloods congregated for steed hustling.

A dazzling Eliza (Audrey Hepburn) wearing a white and dark outfit and colossal cap was encompassed by Higgins and the other respectable men displayed in top caps and tails. It was just when the irrepressible Miss Doolittle yelled her actual, cockney slang at a stallion, that her genuine character upstaged the self important character she depicted. Obviously the whole motion picture was a visual dining experience of a by gone and marvelous period. In this day and age maybe you are a lady of the hour who worships the old world appeal and idiosyncrasies of long back. On the off chance that the Vintage subject is the thing that you are endeavoring to deliver for your wedding it’s currently time to think of thoughts to make this uncommon occasion happen. Leading we should settle on your style, area and blooms.


On the off chance that you are searching for a venue to wed your darling, pick an old church, ball room or a greenhouse. These were normal spots for weddings in the Victorian and Edwardian time to occur. Bright blossoms and overlaid installations adorned these venues and set the phase for polish. In the event that anything, conduct and convention was critical amid this period. Keep in mind, vintage weddings could be very point by point and flashy, contingent upon daddy’s pay and position.

Blooms and Reception Decor:

Decorative layouts in the last nineteenth century were emotional and exquisite. Roses, dahlias, zinnias, sweet peas, violets, buttercups and freesia scattered with green filler’s and plants. Ladies regularly conveyed nose gays or tussy mussies, chunks of lavish blossoms tied with strips. Gathering tables were laid out with glass or silver vases over streaming with sensational and exquisite blooms. Tables were embellished with ribbon doilies, fine precious stone, china and containers. Rooms, covered with Persian and oriental floor coverings were lit up with light fixtures and lights finished with bordered shades. Underneath these shimmering light fixtures, couples waltzed and moved quadrilles.

Vintage Apparel:

Vintage wedding outfits could be peaceful elaborate contingent upon the lady of the hour’s status and salary. Silk, tulle, cashmere or glossy silk. Clamors were supplanted with little prepares in the last Victorian period. Ladies normally wore cover delegated with orange blooms. One essential thing to recollect was that before Queen Victoria, wedding outfits were frequently any shading relying upon the lady and her way of life. Marriage embellishments included white gloves, silk leggings, beaded satchels, cameo sticks and pearls and level shoes enhanced with bows. Men normally wore stripped trousers, white shirts and midriff layers of dim or white with ties. Tail coats were removed in shades of dark and dim. To wrap things up, no refined man of rearing would be seen without his rich top cap. Groomsmen wore comparable attire as the lucky man and bridesmaids and kids were displayed in white or pale shades of pink or mint green tied with brilliant glossy silk scarves. Regularly young ladies wore muslin and young men wore knee trousers.


A vintage wedding served sustenance fit for a ruler! Shellfish, filet mignon, cook duck, salmon, truffles, sugary cakes and a fine determination of champagne and alcohols were offered to toast the glad couple. After supper, respectable men would disappear to the study or library to appreciate fine stogies and schnaps. Wedding cakes were detailed nutty delights adorned with sugary blossoms and parchments and slice to be sent home in boxes with the visitors. Indeed their could be three cakes, one for the visitors, one for the husband to be and the other for the lady of the hour.

Wedding Favors:

On the off chance that you are scanning for thoughts for a vintage themed wedding remember that Victorians cherished giving endowments. Flawless silk fans, sachets, letter openers, lavish boxes, stogies, cloths and cameos were dearest favors of decision.

In the event that you are presently prepared to arrange your own Vintage wedding search out collectible and second hand shops. Research traditions and conventions of the period you have as a top priority. caution your visitors on the off chance that you wish them to dress in old Vintage garments, enormous caps, pearls and tuxedos. Get ready solicitations on vellum in resplendent calligraphy or textual style. Above all else have a ton of fun. This is your fantasy wedding become animated.

Women Hat Fashion Models: 1900-1950

While in a minor before and the 1800’s, hat or the most frequent head protecting used by ladies was named the Hood. A bonnet is a hat that sits tightly about the brain and it is linked under the chin. It was widespread since it was comfortable as well as in those times it wasn’t acknowledged for that women to perform or do any routines from the residence; they kept home and produced good house wives, so they didn’t require anything elegant or sophisticated within the ease of the own homes.

By the period the 1890’s emerged along nevertheless, it became more adequate for girls to acquire from the house to involve themselves in routines such as biking, tennis and many other activities. Therefore, the bonnet was not the best cap to-go outside with. Once the Cloche became highly popular that is,. The Cloche is actually a cap in the form of a bell (round at the top, gets into from the scalp and marginally goes out by the brim). This built a hat that was very functional not just put together look and a far dressy but also although for routines.

The Early 1900’s

Within the 1900’s females favored anything fancier and much more sophisticated wanting such as a magnificent cap having a large brim made with tulle.

Another thing that was in currently was the Figure, a magnificent cap with a large top style with true human hair the females used-to accumulate both from others or their hair.

By 1902, the Pompadours were really in. It was an ordinary cap having a wide top employed as a bottom for ladies to create up their hair on to create what we call nowadays a “poof” or even a “ball”. Therefore it gave truly a big sturdy brim copied it although the impression like every one of the hair just sat properly on its own. From 1904-1907, these hats were still in except that they were produced clippings that are smaller and cap smaller to offer it that look.

Within the years 1907-1908 a brand new type of Outline hat came in. It was called the Merry Widow Hat. This is a black hat having a broad top created with organza and stunning chiffon and full of feathers. Right now, another very popular hat was the Toque, a hat worn by women when playing activities.

Broad caps decorated with blossoms, fruit were also extremely modern at this time because it made one appear to be they were loaded and rich with the variety of the issues to the overhead of the hat.

From the moment the 1930’s came around, substantial hats that lay about the head on a position were extremely however you like. Another kind of cap or brain covering used currently was the Snood – basically a towel bag hide, to put up and cover versions hair. It is is effective with any size hair, and basic, nice. Snoods were not difficult to create in the home and subsequently were both knitted or crocheted.

The 1940’s – War Time

During WWII, most women were hardly unpopular and wore caps to decorate their clothes. No distinct hats were definitely “in-style”, it was to each their particular!

Among the headcovers that numerous people wore right now was the Beret – A gentle, round brimless hat having an overhead that is flat. Often made-of wool making them enjoyable and extremely soft to don- they got in many diverse designs and styles. These were utilized with matches and an increase of informal clothes.

Another cap which was hardly unpopular at the moment was the Turban. Because females began working in plants right now- the turban built a perfect cap or scalp covering as so it would not get captured within the devices the hair was held by it away from the facial skin and included it securely. Elegant and dressy turbans were made out of fancier materials (for example velvet) and had additional styles including bows or feathers on top.

Post war- 1940

Following the war, hats started going out of female and design didn’t get the must use caps over a regular schedule. In order to maintain the market, the companies created many different quite elegant hats and caused it to be a “necessity” to wear a hat with any outfit. Hats that lay not raised to the brain came into type currently. These were manufactured dressy and exceptionally comfortable to use. From the late 1950’s the Turban came back into design.

However, inside the 1950’s hats sought out of fashion since females preferred acquiring their hair done at the salon or hairdresser right now.