Sample Agenda
For dollmaking workshops and events


The agenda follows a path similar to the labyrinth, guiding participants from the everyday world to a point of inspiration at the center of the self, and then back again to the outside world with new awareness.

The format is flexible, but goes something like this:

– Nametag activity to set the tone for warmth and fun

Opening Ceremony - A simple ritual to create a space apart from everyday experiences

     Connecting with each other and with an inspirational resource

What we know
     From the heart, one or more activities to bring forth what is known about the doll recipient

Ask and it is given
     One or more activities to call forth knowledge that is just beneath usual awareness

Guided Reflection or Meditation
     A pleasant inner journey

The dollmaking 
     Gather materials
     Imprint the doll with a personal message
     Embellish the doll figure

The love card or tag - A card or gift tag to accompany the doll
     Guidance and ideas for writing the card/tag

     "What did I create?"


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